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About Us

Drivers Bay is about linking employers to drivers per their specific requirements. Why use Drivers Bay for recruiting your drivers?

  • Fully Vetted and Verified Drivers - All drivers listed on our platform have been thoroughly vetted and their identities verified using the most secure third party trusted verification service available in the country at the moment. The verification process include BVN, Bank Account, Address, Drivers License, Facial verification and Fingerprinting. Our users can rest assured that drivers they hire on this platform are who they say they are and posess the requisite skills to fill their unique requirements.
  • Flexible recruitment process - Using our platform simplifies a recruitment process that would have been cumbersome and to say the least difficult if they were to do it on their own. We do the heavy lifting for you and make your user experience seamless.
  • We save you time and money - Time is money. Using our automated recruitment system will eventually transate to gains in naira and kobo. We cut down an essential vetting and verification proccess from the usual weeks to months and sometimes even years to just a few steps on our platform. The botoomline is money saved
  • Access to a credible pool of professional divers - All drivers in our pool have been vetted for both professioanilism and credibility
  • Inexpensive Service - Our services are highly affordable and will not out a hole in your pocket
  • Accessibility - We are completely at your service and you can contact our service desk anytime for any inquiries or clarifications.
  • Driver Certification - We run a Driver Certification programme in partnership with seasoned and certified Driver Training and Certfication Authorties to ensure that drivers available in our pool are well trained and continuously re-trained in traffic laws, driving skills and road safety protocols.